This MAGIC eLearning is designed to inform you about vascular access for haemodialysis and best cannulation practice, outlined in the BRS and VASBI Clinical Practice Recommendations for Needling of Arteriovenous Fistulae and Grafts. This is part of the MAGIC quality improvement project, supported by KQuIP. This ELearning has been developed by members of BRS’s Vascular Access Special Interest group and VASBI’s nurses' group. Catherine (Katie) Fielding, Margaret Aitken and Alison Swain have developed the ELearning content, with advisement from Lynsey Stronach on paediatric content.

The MAGIC eLearning modules contain a pre-quiz for completion before starting the learning modules, 4 learning modules and then a post quiz to complete at the end. To receive a certificate of completion, you will need to complete all of these sections and achieve 80% or more in the post quiz.

Please note the pre-quiz will only state if you have passed or failed - the pre-quiz does not have a marking score. This is to test your knowledge pre completing the 4 learning modules and the post quiz.

We'd like to thank Kristine Paule for her help in designing the original structure of the package and Karen Nagalingam and Paula Lambe for their guidance with educational content.

Please complete the PRE-QUIZ first before starting the learning sections.